Episode 404

Episode 404: The Prophetic Gospel of the Kingdom

January 31, 2024 Categories: Biblical Prophecy, End Times, Prophecy

If we are being honest, the world seems to be turning the church upside down more than the church is turning the world upside down, regardless of which church you attend. We’re not really winning the cultural wars or the war for the hearts, minds and souls of men, women, and particularly young people. We must ask ourselves – is something missing in how we present, believe, and live the Gospel? Could we start turning the world upside down, thereby making it upright again? This is the kingdom reality. This is why we study prophecy. It’s not to get a crystal ball timeline of what’s going to happen – instead, this is the critical stuff. This is the power of the Gospel to change a pagan world into a Christian world. It turns the world right side up again by proclaiming the Gospel message that Jesus Christ is King of the world.

One of the most critical questions regarding biblical prophecy is this – when is the kingdom reign of Jesus?  – When does it begin? When is it? The answer can get more complicated but to keep it simple, there’s two answers – either future or present. In other words, is the kingdom reign of Jesus a future reality or a present reality?

Over the course of our studies we are going to be looking at how to answer that through several different Scriptures, particularly as we go through the book of Revelation. But for today, one way to answer that question is to dig in to what the word “gospel” means. Today, we will continue to study 1 Thessalonians by looking into the prophetic gospel of the kingdom and its importance to setting the world upright again.

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