Luke21 is a media outreach of Family Life Center International that launched in 2017 on Catholic radio. In 2024, the podcast was relaunched, available in both video and audio formats.

Luke21 teaches about biblical prophecy through broadcasts and podcasts, inspired by Luke 21:1-37.

Luke21 is primarily guided by the prophetic teaching of St. Augustine in The City of God, and Sections 668 – 682 of the Catechism of the Catholic Church reflecting the teaching of St. Augustine.

Luke21 wants to instruct Catholics desirous of learning more about biblical prophecy while safeguarding all Christians from being drawn to prophetic teachers of questionable reliability.

Luke21 is a broadcast with an ecumenical spirit. We’ll extensively use the Bible, the foundation of any ecumenical bridge. Differing interpretations of biblical prophecy will be explained in light of both the Scriptures and the teaching of the early church fathers.

Luk 21’s host Steve Wood, has studied biblical prophecy for five decades. During his years as an Evangelical teacher and pastor, he made a long pilgrimage through all major schools of prophecy before finally adopting St. Augustine’s views. With his background, Steve knows each of the major non-Catholic interpretations of biblical prophecy well and can provide our listeners with an insider’s viewpoint.

Luke21 doesn’t …

  • Evaluate private revelations. We leave that task to the Vatican.
  • Set dates for the Second Coming because it’s impossible to predict.
  • Try to be novel in our interpretations of biblical prophecy. That’s why we heavily rely on the Catechism, the church fathers and papal teaching.

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