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From the Church’s earliest years, Christians have been interested in what the future holds. Two of the earliest New Testament books (1 & 2 Thessalonians) were written by St. Paul to settle questions about the last things upsetting believers. Catholics, Protestants, and Orthodox today share similar concerns and interests. But where are they turning for answers?

Besides listening to less-than-reliable televangelists, too many are feeding on an exclusive diet of private messages and questionable prophecies circulating on the Internet. In contrast, Luke21 plans to nourish this spiritual hunger using – the Bible, the Catechism, papal teachings, and the Church Fathers. Our goal is to instruct Christians who desire to join in the exciting exploration of biblical prophecy while safeguarding them from being drawn to sources of questionable reliability.

In the special “Unplugged” section of, I’m excited to share the tools I used for researching biblical prophecy. This private community for listeners of the podcast will dive deeper into the subjects discussed on the podcast, as well as sensitive topics that are wisest to publish in a private community.

Also for our Unplugged members, I’ll be giving you my book reviews for studying prophecy. Since I have read many books on prophecy, I hope to save you tons of time by focusing on the best-of-the-best books to select for your reading. I’ll include exclusive supplemental materials for those wishing to dig deeper into some of the podcast topics. Biblical prophecy can be puzzling, so I’ll create custom charts, timelines, diagrams, and study guides for you that visualize otherwise confusing topics.

I’ll also be publishing weekly study guides to accompany the most current episode. These handouts will come in useful as you sit down to dig into the current lesson. The current months’ episodes will be available for free on our website and archived study guides will be available for members of  Luke21 Unplugged.

Thanks for joining me in the rewarding exploration of biblical prophecy. If you feel called to support this ministry – a monthly donation of any amount, will give you access to the members-only content discussed above. Your support is greatly appreciated!

My sincerest thanks for your partnership in making the teaching of Luke 21 available to Christians worldwide.

Yours in His Majesty’s Service,

Steve Wood
Luke21 is a radio outreach of Family Life Center International. To learn more about biblical prophecy, join us online at Luke21 Unplugged.