Episode 403

Episode 403: Dispensationalism in Thessalonians – Part 2

January 24, 2024 Categories: Biblical Prophecy, Dispensationalism, End Times, Exegesis, Prophecy, Rapture

Thessalonians is at the center of much debate between Christians regarding the basic framework of biblical prophecy. This debate isn’t just between Protestants and Catholics as much as it is between a huge group that has adopted dispensationalism (a fairly recent understanding of biblical prophecy, less than 200 years old) and a large number of Protestants, Orthodox Christians, and Catholics who take a more historic approach to these two epistles.

In today’s episode, your host Steve Wood takes a second look at the topics of dispensationalism and exegesis by going through a brief summary of First and Second Thessalonians. Steve will walk you through these two radically different viewpoints of Thessalonians and teach you how to interpret them for yourself.

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