"I have followed your podcasts for years and listened to them several times over. I am eternally grateful that God has granted me the grace of learning so much about my faith through Luke21. It has impacted my life in so many positive ways I can't thank you enough."

Jeff K.

"Full on evangelical and I am blessed that this program was made. Please continue with such great content. God bless you and all who made this possible."

Eric P.

"People, you're in for a great learning experience. I've been listening to Steve's podcast for a few years and look forward to it weekly. He pulls no punches. I'm no academic, I'm a college dropout...This is not dumbed-down biblical study. I would call it 'heavy stuff, in small bites'. Perfect for me."

-Bill T.

"I’m listening to your Luke21 Radio series again from the beginning. God is illumining my mind and heart through each wonderful episode....I will never be able to adequately express my gratitude for allowing our Lord to use your gifts and talents to mature me as His follower, nourished on solid food."


"I started listening to Luke21radio about 6 months ago thanks to a parishioner and am so impressed with it. I have quoted it multiple times during Sunday homilies, including on Christmas day! I am recommending it to all who have any interest in Sacred Scripture and spiritual growth...This is a great resource and has greatly increased my devotion to Christ our King."

Fr. Carr

"I just discovered this podcast and am starting from the very beginning. This podcast has had a profound effect on my understanding of the Catholic Religion which I was born into 59 years ago. Thank you for doing this!"

Nancy M.

"The Luke 21 series has really changed my life and made my Catholic faith much more meaningful to me. I have gotten a couple people to listen to it. I feel very blessed and grateful to have found this series. Please express my sincere gratitude to Steve Wood."


"My husband and I absolutely love your Luke21 podcast! I’m learning so much not only about biblical prophecy but also about the bible! Thank you so very much for sharing what you’ve learned."

Peggy A.

"Thank you so much for Luke21. It is much more than just prophecy. World history, church history, catechesis, apologetics, and more. It has been truly life changing."