Episode 406

Episode 406: Tribulation in the New Testament

February 15, 2024 Categories: Biblical Prophecy, End Times, Great Tribulation, Prophecy, Rapture

In the last episode, your host Steve Wood, went through the topic of the Great Tribulation in the books of First and Second Thessalonians. He showed the importance of looking at the entire context of a verse – rather than studying just a particular verse by itself. Steve then explored the seven verses in Thessalonians that talked about tribulation as a life situation – a context that St. Paul was writing to and how this would illuminate the teaching of tribulation in the epistle. In today’s episode, Steve continues the study of tribulation by now looking at the entire New Testament. What did St. Paul say to the other churches about tribulation? What did Jesus say about tribulation? How does St. John refer to tribulation in Revelation? Learn the answers to these questions and much more on today’s episode.

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